• Helpful Tips For Buying A Turquoise Ring

    Turquoise jewelry is all the rage, and turquoise rings are especially popular. After all, they make great statement pieces, and they can work well with both casual and dressier outfits. If you're ready to add a turquoise ring to your jewelry box, you may want to keep these helpful tips in mind. Choose the Right Metal When buying a turquoise ring, the main thing that you might be focused on is the mineral itself.
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  • 3 Reasons To Sell Your Jewelry To A Gold Buyer

    If you have gold jewelry that you don't wear very often — or at all — then you shouldn't just keep it in the house. Instead, you should think about selling to a gold buyer. If you are thinking about selling your jewelry but are thinking about selling it in a different way — such as if you are thinking about advertising it privately, such as on an online classified site or on social media — then you may want to think about going to a gold buyer, too.
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  • Color Me Beautiful: Diamonds For Wedding Rings Come In Many Shades

    Traditional Wedding Bands Use Clear Diamonds Thinking of diamonds, particularly diamonds that are set in wedding bands or engagement rings, usually conjures an image of a crystal clear stone. While most wedding bands contain a clear, translucent diamond, colored diamonds are a beautiful alternative to the old classic. Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, with some colors being rarer than others. Colored diamonds are quickly becoming a trend for engagement and wedding rings in 2020.
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