• Buying A Diamond Ring

    When you are shopping for a diamond ring for your partner, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the options that are available and the information that you will have to process. Unfortunately, some assumptions and myths concerning buying diamond rings will further complicate your decision-making process. Myth: The Size Of The Diamond Is All That Matters The size of the diamond will be one of the most important factors in determining its value.
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  • 4 Ways Antique Services Restore Rings

    If you own antique rings, time and elements have likely transformed the pieces from their original condition. Even if a ring is antique, you do not need to leave it in its current condition. Antique jewelry services offer ways to restore the ring without compromising or transforming the design into something unrecognizable. Learn about the processes used for the ring and how restoration can make a difference for pieces of jewelry.
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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Custom Engagement Rings Unique

    When a person wants to surprise their loved one with a custom-designed engagement ring, their goal is usually to create something unique and special. After all, if you want what everyone else is popping the question with, you could just buy a ring off the shelf. So, how can you design a ring that will truly be unique? Here are five things you might do. 1. Use Colorful Stones Many people buy into the idea that only a diamond should be used for an engagement ring.
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