Three Business Wardrobe Accessories You Need To Have

Posted on: 26 February 2018

If you're a recent college graduate who is about to embark in a career in one of the more traditional businesses such as law or finance, you undoubtedly already know that a good business suit will be an invaluable asset for any woman who wants to present a professional, polished appearance. However, accessories are a bit more tricky when it comes to business dressing—and even though standards have relaxed somewhat during the past decade or so, traditional occupations still call for classic dressing. Following are three accessories that belong in the wardrobe of any woman working in finance or law. 

A Good Watch

If you're like many people, you depend on an electronic device to tell you the time rather than a traditional watch. It's best to err on the side of caution in business environments when using personal electronic devices—in other words, it's easier and may be more acceptable to discreetly check your wristwatch for the time than pull out a smartphone and turn on the screen. Keep in mind that many of those you'll be working with will be of a different generation and may not be appreciative of employees who appear to be constantly looking at personal devices. 

The right watch also acts as an elegant accessory to any business look. Buying the best quality that you can afford will serve you well in the coming years—top-quality watches generally come in classic styles rather than being subject to trends, so you'll be able to wear them for as long as they keep ticking, which could be a lifetime. 

A Strand of Real Pearls 

Few things are more elegant than a simple strand of real pearls—and make no mistake, those who matter can spot imitations a mile away, so don't be tempted to try to get by with less than the real thing. Freshwater pearls offer a less expensive option that's still classy, and you should also consider wearing a single lustrous pearl on a gold necklace if your budget doesn't allow for a full strand. Naturally, you won't wear your pearls every day, but they're an excellent way to dress up an everyday business suit when important meetings call for business formal attire. 

A Silk Scarf

A good silk scarf is invaluable for those days when you need something in a hurry to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. Silk never goes out of style, and you can wear it all year round. Some women keep one in a desk drawer for occasions like unexpected lunches with important clients.