Tips For Caring For Their Ears And Types Of Earrings Available

Posted on: 16 March 2018

If you are getting your child's ears pierced, this is an exciting time for them. They do have to take proper care of their ears, however, or they will have many problems. To help prevent this, below is information about how to care for their ears, as well as different types of earrings they can get once they get past the first few weeks.

Taking Care of Pierced Ears

The technician that pierces your child's ears will give you instructions on how to take proper care of them. They will give you a solution that your child has to use to wipe off the earring hole. Your child's ears will likely be sore for a few days, so you may need to help them with this.

If your child does not take proper care of their ears, the holes will become infected. If this happens, your child's earring holes will become red and swollen. The holes will also be very tender and may itch. If not taken care of at this point, fluid will drain from the holes, and your child could develop a fever.

If your child is taking proper care of their earring holes but still having problems, they may be allergic to nickel. This means the earrings they are wearing have nickel in them. You will need to have the earrings removed and replaced with different earrings that do not have this substance in them.  Some earring materials that will work well include pure silver, stainless steel, titanium, platinum, and copper.

Types of Earrings Available

Once your child can start wearing other earrings, there are many types they can choose from, including:


Your child can start out wearing stud earrings. These earrings are much like the earrings they wore when they first got their ears pierced, such as small gold balls. There are also stud earrings that are made to look like things like hearts, dolphins, stars, and more. Small diamond stud earrings look nice on a younger child's ears.


Hoop earrings can work well if you get the right size. For example, small gold or silver hoops look nice. Once your child gets older, they can get larger hoops. There are some hoop earrings that have tassels hanging from them or some type of other decoration. These earrings are not heavy, so they will feel comfortable on your child's ears.


Dangle earrings are more noticeable to people because they are much longer. If your child moves their head in any way, the earrings will also move. Some dangle earrings are a strand of silver, gold, etc. You can also find these earrings that have feathers or beads. Your child should only wear these earrings on special occasions as they can easily get hooked on something. If this happens, the earring could come off the ear.

As your child gets older, let them help you choose the types of earrings they wear.