3 Fun Ideas For Custom Design Jewelry For You Wife

Posted on: 21 March 2018

When it comes to finding a great gift for your wife, it is very hard to go wrong when you choose to get her jewelry. There are so many different kinds of jewelry to choose from, so you will have no problems finding pieces that she will love. If you want to go a step further and make the pieces even more meaningful and important for her, you can get them custom designed. There are a lot of different customizations that you can do, making it possible to make a piece that is 100% her. Here are three fun ideas for custom design jewelry for your wife. 

Engrave The Inside Of A Ring 

One awesome idea for a custom design is an engraving inside of a ring. You can choose a ring that you know your wife will absolutely love and you can them make it more personalized and sentimental to her by adding the engraving. This engraving could be your initials and her initials with a heart around them, it could be a short sentence that says something meaningful, the lyrics to your favorite song, or whatever else you decide. No matter what, she will always be able to take off this ring and see the sweet words that you had written inside just for her.

Use Her Birthstone

Another excellent idea for a custom designed piece of jewelry is the use of your wife's birthstone. This stone likely has a lot of meaning to her because this is the month of her birth and it is personalized to her. You can do so many great things with her birthstone, whether it be a diamond in a ring, a stone in a pair of earrings, the focal point of a silver bracelet, part of a pendant on a necklace, or anywhere else that you'd like it to be. 

Pendants With Your Children's Initials 

If your wife loves to wear necklaces, then you should consider getting her a gorgeous silver chain that has custom designed pendants that hang on it. These pendants can be in whatever size or shape you'd like, but what makes them the most personalized is the fact that they will your children's initials on them. You could even make them more personalized by adding their birthdate and creating the pendant out of their favorite color. Your wife will likely treasure this necklace more than the rest because of what it symbolizes.