How To Have The Best Experience When Shopping For Pawn Jewelry

Posted on: 30 March 2018

You might want to own the nicest jewelry around, but the most expensive jewelry might be outside your price range. One way around this problem is to head to your closest pawn shop to pick up gold jewelry.

Save Money with a Pawn Shop

Pawn shop jewelry will save you a lot more money than if you were to purchase jewelry from a jeweler. Often, the prices will be half of what you would normally pay and you can even negotiate for an even lower price. The pieces of jewelry that have been on the shelf for a long time are usually the easiest to negotiate. Pawn shops are more willing to take an offer if you pay cash.

You may be concerned about how pawn jewelry has already been used, but a lot of jewelry has been used to some extent. For instance, gold jewelry often comes from older gold that was melted down. Gemstones are sometimes removed from an old piece of jewelry and set into a new piece.

Work with a Jewelry Expert

The best pawn shops to visit are those who specialize in jewelry. Pawn shops that primarily sell jewelry will have a larger selection and will sometimes sell jewelry for a lower price than a general pawn store.

Do Your Homework

Begin your visit to a pawn shop by performing research on the type of jewelry you are interested in purchasing. You will need to be able to identify a high-quality diamond to know that you will be receiving a great deal. All polished diamonds are valuable, but rarity of the diamond has an impact on how much it is worth.

Consider Having Your Jewelry Recreated

If you cannot find jewelry that you are happy with, one option is to find a piece that is made from high-quality materials. If you can find a piece that is inexpensive, you may be able to afford having a jeweler recreate it for you even if you aren't happy with the style. To make sure that your jewelry is of great quality, work with a pawn jeweler who is a certified appraiser.

Have Your Jewelry Cleaned

After you have purchased jewelry from a pawn shop, you can ask to have the jewelry professionally cleaned. Some pawn shops do not offer this option, but you can always take your jewelry to a jeweler. While you could perform the cleaning yourself, professional cleaners can detail the jewelry and leave it in a state of absolute perfection.