3 Factors That Affect Jewelry's Value

Posted on: 20 December 2018

Understanding the value of your jewelry is smart for a few reasons. While you may want to sell the items to earn a profit, knowing the value of your jewelry is also important for insurance purposes. Jewelry is not worth what you have paid for it. In some cases, it is worth less than what you paid. This is common if the piece was purchased at a jewelry store in the mall. In other cases, the jewelry piece may be worth an enormous amount of money because it is rare and collectible. With this guide, you will learn a few jewelry appraisal factors that determine the value of your items.

Metal and Stones

Most pieces of jewelry consist of metal and even a few stones. The type of metal and if there are any gemstones in the piece will have a big effect on the jewelry's value.

Not surprisingly, gold is one of the most valuable metals. It is considered the most precious metal and one of the most expensive metal, so a piece of jewelry made out of solid gold will be more valuable than a piece of jewelry made out of silver or copper. Other valuable metals include the following:

  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Of course, if you have a valuable metal jewelry piece with diamonds another genuine gemstone, the piece will be even more valuable.


The condition of the jewelry is also a factor that determines its value. If the gold is dented or damaged in any way or the silver has tarnished, the piece will lose a good amount of value.

Also, if a gold necklace is broken or a diamond ring is missing a few stones, the value will suffer.

It is important to note that some collectors do prefer the antiquated charm of estate jewelry pieces. If you have some antique pieces that show signs of distress, your best option would be to sell to specialty collectors instead of a local pawn shop or jewelry buyer.


Finally, the brand of your jewelry piece can affect the value. Most people are surprised to learn that costume jewelry can even be rare and valuable depending on the brand name.

Vintage pieces made by Coco Chanel, Trifari, Kramer, and Sarah Coventry are all examples of brands that can be collectible and highly valuable.

Understanding the value of your jewelry is helpful if you want to sell or insure, but it can also help you understand the history of the jewelry. This guide will help you understand the factors which influence your jewelry's value.