Want To Make Your Engagement Ring Unique? Choose An Engraving

Posted on: 15 August 2019

Everybody hopes to impress their intended with a memorable engagement ring -- but it sometimes seems like even the vast array of choices out there of settings, stones, and styles can all start to look alike. So, how do you make an engagement ring truly unique?

Consider an engraving. If you're short on ideas -- or want to know more about your options for engraving a ring -- here is some information you can use.

What Are Your Choices When Engraving a Ring?

There are several different ways that you can choose to engrave a ring -- each with their own unique benefits. 

Most commonly, people choose to put their engraved sentiments on the inside of the ring's band, usually toward the bottom. Whatever is there remains hidden to others unless the ring is removed and examined -- but the inscription is visible to the naked eye. Often, engraving a ring that way can create a special loving sentiment or joke between the couple.

Less commonly, inscriptions can be engraved onto a visible part of the band. If the diamond is in a particularly plain setting, the engraving can be done in a delicate script around the outside of ring itself -- thus incorporating a message of love into the ring for all to see (even if they have to look rather carefully).

Finally, laser engravings on the diamonds themselves are also becoming popular -- thanks to modern technology. Since the laser engravings are generally invisible to the naked eye, these inscriptions are the perfect "secret message" from one lover to another. Since diamonds are the hardest stone known to man, the engraving will last forever -- making it something that an become a valuable heirloom in its own right.

What Should You Engrave on an Engagement Ring?

The choice of your inscription is tremendously personal. You know your romantic partner -- and your relationship -- best. That being said, some popular choices for engravings include:

  • Simple, traditional inscriptions, such as your intended's name (or "pet" name) and the date
  • Simple romantic phrases, like "I Love You," or "A Promise Made To Be Kept"
  • Meaningful sentiments, such as one of the lines from "your" song or a quote from a favorite book
  • Light-hearted sentiments that reflect the humor of the couple, like "A Deal's A Deal" or "No Takebacks"
  • Religious inscriptions, such as "Joined Under God" or a favorite Biblical verse
  • Latin phrases, like the classic "Amor Vincit Omnia," or "Love Conquers All"

Whatever you choose to engrave, you can rest assured that your intended bride or groom will have a diamond engagement ring that is, without a doubt, unique.