Tips For Your New Love Knot Jewelry Items

Posted on: 10 October 2019

A piece of jewelry with a love knot design can be a meaningful symbol of your relationship. However, the unique design of these items of jewelry can give them some care needs that may be different from your other pieces of jewelry.

Regularly Clean The Love Knot Jewelry

A love knot jewelry design will have a large number of small crevices and other areas that can actually serve to trap dirt and dust. When this occurs, the appearance of the jewelry can be degraded, and it may even lead to the jewelry developing a layer of corrosion on it. By cleaning the jewelry on a frequent basis, you can make it easier to remove these substances as they will not have time to bind to the metal or to otherwise harden. When cleaning the jewelry items, your choice of cleaning agent will be extremely important as you will want to only use ones that are compatible with the metal and stones that are used in your love knot jewelry.

Keep The Chain From Getting Tangled

Wearing these items of jewelry as necklaces will be the most common method of using these accessories. While some individuals may enjoy wearing necklaces with longer chains, this can be an ill-advised move due to the risk of the chain getting severely tangled. In fact, it can be possible for the chain to become tangled enough that it may not be possible to repair it. This will require the chain to be replaced, and if you have a chain that is made of valuable metals, this could prove to be an expensive repair to have done. Often, this type of issue arises when the jewelry is improperly stored as this could lead to the tangled getting tangled or wrapped around other items.

Check Any Gem Stones That May Be In The Love Knot Jewelry

If your love knot jewelry has precious stones in it, it is important to appreciate that there may be a risk of these stones coming loose over the time that you own the necklace. When these stones become loose, they may actually fall out of the necklace, which could result in them being lost. If you are able to catch this problem when it is still developing, a jeweler will be able to secure these stones with a jewelry adhesive or other simple repairs. In addition to being far less expensive than replacing a missing stone, this can also be a faster repair due to the jeweler simply needing to secure the stone again.