Color Me Beautiful: Diamonds For Wedding Rings Come In Many Shades

Posted on: 15 April 2020

Traditional Wedding Bands Use Clear Diamonds

Thinking of diamonds, particularly diamonds that are set in wedding bands or engagement rings, usually conjures an image of a crystal clear stone. While most wedding bands contain a clear, translucent diamond, colored diamonds are a beautiful alternative to the old classic. Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, with some colors being rarer than others. Colored diamonds are quickly becoming a trend for engagement and wedding rings in 2020. Considering colored diamonds for an engagement or wedding band opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Even if the stone is not translucent, it is still a diamond, just one that is much more unique. Brides who have a less traditional style but still want a diamond ring can find the perfect solution with a colored diamond.

All Colors Are Not Created Equal

Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, but some colors are much rarer. The harder a color is to find, the more valuable it is. Yellow and brown or chocolate diamonds are easier to come by than blue or violet diamonds, with red and pink being the rarest colors of all diamonds. Colored diamonds themselves are harder to find than white or translucent diamonds. Colored diamonds are naturally occurring phenomena and certain conditions produce different colors of diamonds.

How Colored Diamonds Are Created

Diamonds are created from heat, pressure, and the element carbon. Colored diamonds are created when other elements or circumstances are thrown into the mix. Elements such as nitrogen, helium, or boron will combine with the carbon to produce other colors, while an event such as a volcanic eruption can produce enough heat to alter the color of diamonds as well. 

How Valuable Are Colored Diamonds?

Extremely unusual diamond colors that are very valuable are only one in 100,000. Red diamonds are the rarest kind of diamond in the world. A red diamond with a deep color and no flaws will fetch more on the market than a clear diamond of similar cut and clarity. The deeper and clearer the color is in a colored diamond, the more valuable it is considered.

Colored diamonds are a unique and elegant choice for an engagement ring or wedding band. Opting for a yellow, brown, pink, blue, purple, or red diamond is a great way to honor tradition while putting a modern spin on it. A ring with a colored diamond is a great way to celebrate love.

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