5 Ways To Make Your Custom Engagement Rings Unique

Posted on: 26 February 2021

When a person wants to surprise their loved one with a custom-designed engagement ring, their goal is usually to create something unique and special. After all, if you want what everyone else is popping the question with, you could just buy a ring off the shelf. So, how can you design a ring that will truly be unique? Here are five things you might do.

1. Use Colorful Stones

Many people buy into the idea that only a diamond should be used for an engagement ring. But you're free to use any color and any gemstone that you or your partner like. Replace a bright white diamond centerpiece with a sapphire, ruby, citrine, or emerald for an eye-catching look.

2. Change Up the Metals

Modern ring buyers have many choices when it comes to metals for the band. While yellow gold and platinum are the most perennially popular favorites, you can play with your colors to achieve a more personalized look. From beautiful and trendy rose gold to timeless white gold, the metal you want can come in many hues. 

3. Add Some Asymmetry

Most engagement rings are very symmetrical, which offers a classic beauty. But when you place elements in slightly unexpected ways, it increases the surprise and fun of the jewelry. How can you do this? Add a decorative flair to one side of the centerpiece. Leave it open on one side of the gem and closed on the other. Or stack smaller gems in uneven groupings. The method is up to your own tastes. 

4. Be Organic

A natural and organic ring stands in stark contrast to the formal and ordered rings that are more common. To achieve this organic feeling, look to nature as an inspiration. Even professional designers often use nature motifs and curves in their designs. You can too. Or opt for an organic, handmade appearance by hand-designing some design elements. 

5. Cut a Unique Shape

Rather than the standard circular or princess diamond, consider more interesting shapes and cuts. Pear shapes, flower designs, hearts, and squares all surprise and delight viewers no matter how large or small the actual gems are. And if you start with an unusual shape, you have a base of inspiration for everything that goes around it. 

Want more ideas to craft a ring unlike anything others sport on their fingers? Begin by consulting with an experienced jeweler in your area. By drawing on their experience with many other couples, you'll soon find the perfect way to make something that perfectly symbolizes your unique love story. Look for a local professional who'll help you design your own custom engagement ring