4 Ways Antique Services Restore Rings

Posted on: 11 June 2021

If you own antique rings, time and elements have likely transformed the pieces from their original condition. Even if a ring is antique, you do not need to leave it in its current condition. Antique jewelry services offer ways to restore the ring without compromising or transforming the design into something unrecognizable.

Learn about the processes used for the ring and how restoration can make a difference for pieces of jewelry.

1. Prong & Setting Replacement

Some of the more important parts of an antique ring to replace are the prongs. Prongs may wear down over time and lose their strength. If you leave the original prongs on the ring, stones could come loose and fall out of the ring. If you are unaware of when a stone falls out, you could lose a very expensive diamond or gemstone. A prong replacement can also add strength and durability to the ring.

2. Polishing Gems

Gemstones add some color and flair to rings but can wear down over time. During a restoration process, a gemstone like a ruby or sapphire is removed from the ring. A jeweler will then polish the gemstone to give it shine and luster. If corners or edges have worn, you can choose to re-cut gemstones so the edges appear sharp again.

3. Stone Replacement

If a ring has smaller stones, the stones may have fallen out or cracked over the years. Add new stones to the areas to boost the look of an antique ring. Antique jewelry handlers can find stones to fit into the setting and provide you with new prongs to ensure the stones stay in place.

The stone replacement varies and can include anything from diamond to gemstones. Choose a replacement of the same stone or add a unique style to the design with different colors and shapes.

4. Bent & Dented Ring Repair

The shape of a ring can change over time and may not fit your finger properly. Do not force a ring onto your finger if there are dents or bends in the ring. A repair service can fix the band to ensure a ring is a full circle. Special machines will transform the ring and re-shape the design. If needed, they can also resize the ring to properly fit your finger.

A professional measurement will get you the most accurate results so the ring doesn't slip off easily or feel too tight.

The before and after pictures of a restored antique ring will showcase the major differences that occur when you go through the process and bring the jewelry back to life.