Make These Decisions When You Shop For Bar Earrings

Posted on: 11 April 2022

If you need a new pair of earrings, visiting a jewelry shop in your city will give you all sorts of stylish options to consider. While studs and hoops are popular, don't overlook other designs. Bar earrings are also a popular choice for many people. These earrings get their name from their bar-like shape. You'll find bar earrings in many different materials, including gold, silver, and more. When a jewelry shop has a selection of bar earrings, you'll want to browse each of the products and consider the following topics before you make up your mind.

Short Or Long

You can expect to see bar earrings in many lengths. There are different ways to wear bar earrings, and deciding how you'll wear them will help you to choose the right length for you. Some people wear bar earrings vertically, with part of the earring hanging below their lobe. Others position their bar earrings at an angle so the entire earring is pressed against the ear. If you favor the former type of wearing your bar earrings, you'll likely want to choose longer bars. Similarly, shorter bars will work well if you opt for the latter way of wearing them.

Straight Or Curved

You'll also want to decide what shape of bar earrings will work best for you. You can expect that most of the jewelry shop's bar earrings will be straight, but there will also be some pairs that have a gentle curve. Both shapes have their advantages. You may find that a straight bar stands out more or serves as a good visual match if you're wearing a necklace with a bar pendant. However, if you favor gentle curves over straight lines, a pair of curved bar earrings will likely suit you better.

Plain Or Gemstones

Lots of bar earrings have a plain design, while others have gemstones embedded in them. When you're checking out a few examples of the latter type, you'll likely see some bar earrings with just one gemstone, while others have gemstones along their entire length. Think about where you'll wear these earrings. If you want something that offers an understated look, perhaps to wear at work, you might prefer plain bar earrings. The extra sparkle of bar earrings with gemstones can be desirable if you're shopping for earrings to wear to a wedding. Visit a local jewelry shop to take a look at its inventory of bar earrings.